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Audi S7 2013 Review

Style was the number one talking point during time with the big Audi S7 four-door coupe. We were able to display it at two totally different venues, and it came as no surprise when the bold shape of the hot version of the Audi A7 passed the look-at-me tests with flying colours.

High school formals are major social occasions these days, no more so in our home base on the Gold Coast where showing your ownership of the latest and greatest is vitally important to many people. The brand new Audi S7, chauffeured by my partner Julie transported her nephew in fine style. The arrival pageant when the about-to-be adults turn up in a variety of vehicles opens the evenings’ festivities.

Students roll up in a variety of automotive works of art, including loud hotrods, beautifully restored classic cars and rich dads’ upmarket German machines saloons. Julie’s car, the just launched Audi S7 coupe, appeared near the top of the list of star automotive attractions as it stood under the lights in its shimmering pale blue paint work.


Audi’s not budging with the S7’s earlier price tag so you’ll still pay $179,900 for the privilege of owning this good-looker. Along with an array of other standard features, the S7 comes with USB/Auxiliary audio inputs, satnav, Bluetooth and steering wheel mounted controls.


Audi is using an all-new version of its efficient twin-turbo V8 engine to power the S7. The V8 drives through a seven-speed double-clutch automatic transmission. Again we found the double-clutch automatic transmission wasn’t happy at very slow traffic speeds when the Sport setting was selected, but performed beautifully in the normal setting. If you’re out for an enthusiastic drive make sure to juggle between the two settings when you reach town.


The first time around we only had the Audi for that single evening, but have just been able to spend a week in it for further evaluation (at least that’s my excuse!). Again we found it to be a real star in the styling stakes. We took it for an evening cruise down south into NSW and stopped at one of our favourite cafes that’s a pleasant pleasant place to end the day. The number of people who stopped and looked over the Audi coupe would have made its designers extremely pleased.

The bold grille, big wheels and added details in the luxurious cabin leave no doubt this is the high-performance version of Audi’s largest sports coupe.


The big Audi coupe is not just about show, though, there’s plenty going on under that shapely bonnet that also deservers discussion. Though the high speeds for which Audis are designed are not possible in Australia, buyers downunder will appreciate the extra urge from the tuned V8 engine and the sporting feel given by dynamic suspension and steering settings.

The S7’s scintillating performance is backed up by an engine note that’s great to listen to and on more than one occasion we found ourselves slowing down and dropping the transmission down a few gears so we could enjoy the push-in-the-back acceleration and the quality of engine sound.

The chassis dynamics are offered in several stages by courtesy of a sophisticated electronic air suspension system so the driver can opt – by way of the MMI (Multi Media Interface) infotainment system – for the ideal setup for their personal mood and the condition of the road.

The sleek big four-door sports coupe has plenty of engine power and an abundance of road grip. Ride comfort is generally good, but on rough and ready Australian backroads, particularly on coarse-chip surfaces, it can be on the noisy side. Keen drivers are hardly likely to complain, but if the passengers start to comment on these matters may we suggest you consult the owner’s handbook on the various suspension settings on offer?


The new high-performance Audi S7 coupe is an excellent addition to the Audi A7 range and seems sure to attract the attention of those looking for the S7’s clever blend of sporty and elegant motoring.

Audi S7

Price: from $179,900
Warranty: 3 years/unlimited km
Crash rating: n/a
Engine: 4.0-litre 8-cyl, 309kW/550Nm
Transmission: 7-speed auto, AWD
Dimensions: 4980mm (L), 1911mm (W), 1408m (H)
Weight: 1945kg
Thirst: 9.6L/100km, 225g/km CO2

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