Mitsubishi Lancer used review | 2007-2014

11 November 2016
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Graham Smith reviews the 2007 - 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer as a used buy.

Meet Mr Reliable. Mostly, anyway... The refreshed all-rounder followed a well-proven formula.


The Lancer has been with us forever; at least it feels that way. But unlike other long-lived models such as the Toyota Corolla, it has never really commanded the attention of buyers.

Those who have taken the trouble to find out mostly regard it as solid, well-built and reliable but it has tended to blend into the background rather than stand out from the crowd.

The CJ model arrived in 2007 with plenty of promise. Compared to the previous model it had fresh looks, a longer wheelbase and a wider track, more cabin space, and there was more equipment.

There were sedan and hatch body styles and range of models to suit most needs and desires.

With its clean and attractive looks, the CJ Lancer was engaging, even if the cabin was criticised for its blandness.

The everyday models (we'll overlook the hero sports models that appealed more to wannabe rally drivers) were the entry level ES, the VR mid-ranger and the sporty VR-X. The Aspire, Activ and SX came later.

With its clean and attractive looks, the CJ Lancer was engaging, even if the cabin was criticised for its blandness.

The 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine (113kW/198Nm) made it a solid performer in the class. For those wanting a little more zip, Mitsubishi added a 2.4-litre four (125kW/226Nm) in 2008.

The gearbox most buyers chose was the constantly variable transmission but there was a five-speed manual option.

The quirky CVT was not everyone's cup of tea but with its six-speed sports mode the Mitsubishi trannie didn't feel as soggy as some others.

Thanks to the larger footprint delivered by its longer wheelbase and wide track, the Lancer felt more stable and better balanced on the road than its predecessor. Inside, it was quieter and more comfortable.


Apart from the CVT, the Lancer follows a well-proven formula. There's nothing terribly radical about it or cause for concern by potential used buyers.

Most owners we spoke to were eager to praise their cars, regarding them as well built and for the most part reliable.

One issue that should be of concern relates to the anti-lock brakes and results from the failure of the electronic module that controls the braking system.

Owners say their first indication was when the warning light on the dash began flickering. It eventually stayed on; the ABS was then not functioning.

There have been some recalls, mostly for electrical issues, so check the service book to see what work has been done.

Check with the seller about earlier issues with the brakes — and take note of the ABS warning light if it comes on while driving the car.

Another thing to focus on when testing a car is the operation of the CVT. Owners raised no issues with the gearbox, which suggests there are no problems with it but the history of such transmissions suggests that they are prone to driveability problems.

Check for shuddering on takeoff or when accelerating, hesitations or any other indication that something is awry.

Check for a service record to make sure that your potential purchase has been well maintained.

There have been some recalls, mostly for electrical issues, so check the service book to see what work has been done.


Owners say

Harry Rifat: I have owned a 2010 Lancer since new but I would not buy one again. The performance is quite good, as is the fuel economy, but that's the only praise I can offer. It has problems with clunky suspension, doors that sound like an EH Holden when you close them, and cheap trims that break easily.

K. Brigham: I have owned a 2010 Lancer Activ from new. In that time I have done 110,000km in it. I was very happy with the five-year warranty it came with and the low servicing costs. It's solidly built, very roomy, comfortable and gets good fuel economy. There have been no problems with it at all.

Rita Magnussen: We have had two Lancers in the past six years. The first was a 2010 ES, which was a great little car. We traded that on a 2011 Active. Both were economical, and nothing went wrong. I can't praise them enough.

Anna Breinl: I have done 65,000km in my 2007 VR-X and it has been brilliant. It's a great tourer, comfortable and it has been absolutely trouble-free.

Nigel Wilson: I bought my 2007 ES in 2009 with 19,000km on it. It was a good car, except for the problems with the ABS. It soured my view of Mitsubishi.

Bob Atkins: Everything was going well with my 2007 VR until late in 2015 when the ABS light began to flicker. Eventually it stayed on and the ABS wouldn't then work. The problem was faulty ABS control module. Mitsubishi wasn't interested in the problem. I eventually found a company in WA that reconditioned the modules and saved over $1000.

Smithy says

It's a solid all-rounder if not particularly exciting.

At a glance

Price new: $20,990-$28,990
Price now:
ES $5000-$15,000,
VR $6500-$14,500,
VR-X $8000-$23,500,
Aspire $9500-$18,500,
Active $7500-$12,500, SX $7500-$11,500

Safety: 5 stars
Engine: 2.0-litre 4-cyl, 113kW/198Nm; 2.4-litre 4-cyl, 125kW/226Nm
Transmission: 5-speed man, CVT; FWD
Thirst: 7.7L-8.5L/100km

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Mitsubishi Lancer used review | 2007-2014

What we like

  • Well built and reliable.
  • Stable and balanced.

What we don't

  • Check for problems with ABS and ABS warning light.
  • CVTs can be prone to driveability problems.
  • Check service books for recall work.