Many is the time a hot hatch full of yoofs has rolled up beside what they thought was Audi's pretty-but-slow 1.8-litre CVT equipped A5 Sportback, thinking they had the traffic light race won. The problem they encountered was a 3.0 supercharged V6-powered S5 comprehensively ripping them off. The S5 looked like sleeper, but went like a barista on their ninth doppio.

Gorgeous, low-key and powered by that characterful engine, the only problem was it was based on an already-old set of bones that wasn't famous for its dynamic abilities. It wasn't bad but it just wasn't great, the car let down mostly by its dull steering but also a chassis that wasn't always up to the task.

The B9 A4 previewed what a new platform could do for those looking for a bit more fun from Ingolstadt, the S4 reinforced that and now we've arrived at the S5 Sportback. Powerful and pretty and suddenly much cheaper, the S5 Sportback should be ready to conquer the fast four-door coupe market. Right?

Can the S5 cash the cheque written by its looks? Can the S5 cash the cheque written by its looks?