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Victoria Police rolls out Passat highway patrol car

Victoria Police have ordered 15 VW Passat 206 TSI Wagons for highway patrol and specialist duties

The next set of flashing lights you see in your rearview mirror could belong to a Passat 206 TSI Proline Wagon, with Victoria Police ordering 15 of the practical and potent Volkswagens to join its highway patrol and specialist division fleets.

The collage of cars chosen to replace the homegrown Falcon, Territory and Commodore only continues to grow, with BMW, Mercedes, Chrysler and more joining police fleets across the country.

VW is claiming its share of the pie, with Victoria Police placing an order for the Passat 206 TSI Wagon to join its fleet. Proline, by the way, is Volkswagen's name for its vehicles destined for emergency services work, and you'll see it again on the Tiguan Allspace 162 Proline.

The 206 TSI order forms part of a broader 265-vehicle Volkswagen deal (mostly Passat 132 TSI Proline sedans and wagons), which will join the 202 VWs already on the fleet.

The 206 is the fastest Passat on offer in Australia, packing a potent 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that delivers 206kW and 350Nm. With power sent to all four wheels via a DSG automatic, the Passat Wagon can produce a 5.7-sec sprint to 100km/h. As part of the deal, VW has fitted a new 180-amp alternator and a second battery to its vehicles.

"Globally, the Passat has been Volkswagen’s best-selling model line, but there can be no greater recognition than its acceptance by VicPol,” says VW's General Manager Sales, Passenger Vehicles, Ben Wilks.

“Volkswagen Group Australia is honoured that our cars have been deemed worthy for use by the men and women who serve and protect the citizens of Victoria.”

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