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VC HDT Brock's memory lives on

Brock used the Shelby Mustang operation in the US and AMG in Germany as models for his HDT Special Vehicles, which in turn provided the model for Holden Special Vehicles and Ford Performance Vehicles. The first special was the VC HDT Commodore, released in 1980. It's now a classic and appreciating in value.

The car Brock modified was the top-of-the-range VC Commodore SL/E, already loaded with plenty of fruit. It came with Holden's 5.0-litre V8, but Brock and his team fitted large valves for better performance. It put out 160kW at 4500 revs and 450Nm at 2800 revs, enough to have it racing to 100km/h in 8.4 seconds.

Brock offered the choice of Holden's four-speed manual gearbox or the three-speed auto. A limited-slip differential was standard. Brock fitted uprated springs and Bilstein gas shock absorbers, which improved handling.

A fibreglass bodykit; wheel-arch flares, front bib spoiler and a rear wing; gave the car a sporting image. Colours were limited to white, black or red. Brock built 500 VC HDT Commodores. Models of the Brock cars are generally sold outside the trade.

If you could believe the published values for a VC HDT, you'd expect to pay about $20,000 for one in good condition, but try double that now.

Check the hard-to-find special Brock components are there; signed steering wheel, Irmscher alloys, high-flow air cleaner. The bodykits were made of fibreglass, which didn't withstand a knock. Check the various bodykit components for cracking around the attachment points and distortion between mounting points.

Len Kennedy says he was impressed with the VC HDT, but debated spending the extra $6000 or so over a standard SL/E before eventually succumbing to the Brock ride and handling. Kennedy says his car has done 130,000km with little trouble. The Brock Commodore memory is kept alive today through Brock's former company, HDT Special Vehicles, now at Revesby.

Co-owner Len Pennisi says values are increasing. “Unfortunately with Peter Brock's demise last year, cars quadrupled in value ... everybody wants a piece of that era,” he says. “Collectors are buying them, not selling them again; and they're not getting driven."

“A lot of people are buying them to make money, like buying a house.”


HDT Brock Commodore VC

Year: 1980

Price: If you could believe the published values for a VC HDT, you'd expect to pay about $20,000 for one in good condition, but try double that and expect it to keep going up.

Engine: 5.0L/V8 160kW/450Nm

Performance: 0-100kmh 8.4 secs

Rating: 75/100

Verdict: Attractive Australian sports sedan that has the potential to increase in value.



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  • High fuel consumption
  • Potential to increase in value
  • Solid performance
  • Check to ensure it is the real deal
  • Rumbling V8 exhaust note
  • Reassuring handling
  • Comfortable ride
  • Presence of special Brock parts


Have you driven this classic Aussie performance car? Do you have one stored away, quietly increasing in value? Let us know below...