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Vaughan bats for art car

The painting of the Cruze took eight hours to create.

Michael Vaughan has created the world's biggest ‘artballing’ painting by hitting and throwing paint-covered cricket balls against a 4.8m x 1.5m image of a Chevrolet Cruze more than 5000 times.

Vaughan, 35, who led England to a historic Ashes victory in 2005, has been compared to artists Jackson Pollack and Damien Hirst due to the way he creates his art.  "A few of the other players initially took the mickey, but they are now artballing fans -- and have had a go themselves," he said.

An original artballing painting can fetch as much as $33,000 at art auctions with pop star Lily Allen counting herself among his fans. 

Chevrolet commissioned Vaughan to create his biggest work yet.  The painting of the Cruze, sold as a Holden in Australia, took eight hours to create with Vaughan calling on his cricketing expertise to accurately recreate the bodywork, tyres and alloys on canvas using five different coloured cricket balls and more than 20 litres of paint.

"Creating art with cricket balls is completely different, modern and new," he said.  "It changes the rules of art because it's instinctive and raw."