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Porsche Macan EV confirmed for next-generation SUV

The next Macan will be even more green.

Electric Macan to follow Taycan, but open the doors for Cayenne and Panamera.

Porsche has confirmed that the second-generation Macan SUV will include an all-electric variant, which will be the second pure-electric model from the sports car brand.

The upcoming Taycan will be first, of course, with the production version set to be revealed later this year before it’s Australian arrival in 2020. The off-road flavoured Taycan Cross Turismo is set to follow shortly after.

Choosing the electric Macan to follow Taycan will almost bookend the Porsche line-up with EVs, with the Macan being Porsche’s most popular and cheapest model and Taycan expected to be positioned between the Cayenne and Panamera ranges at the upper end beneath the 911.

Porsche is planning for half of all models sold to feature some form of electrification by 2025, spread across mild-hybrid, hybrid and full electric layouts.

The updated version of the recently revealed 992 911 is also expected to bring some form of hybridisation in around 2021, given the recently revealed platform has been prepared for such packaging.

The wording of Porsche’s press material suggests that the next Macan could be all-EV, but we understand that the all-electric Macan will be available alongside conventional petrol models as found in the existing line-up.

It’s clear there will be no diesel though, with the brand confirming the end of diesel-fuelled models in September last year. The possibility of hybrid versions is still unclear though, with the Macan’s compact dimensions possibly precluding packaging for both petrol and electric drivetrains at the same time.

Production has been confirmed for the brand’s plant in Leipzig, Germany, unlike the Taycan which will emerge from a dedicated EV facility within Porsche’s Zuffenhausen HQ.

Porsche has highlighted this evolution of an existing plant to produce both petrol and electric models as key for expanding the availability of pure-electric versions throughout other Porsche models. Given the Cayenne large SUV and Panamera models are also produced in Leipzig, we’d be surprised if they weren’t next in line.

With the updated first-generation Macan appearing in Australian showrooms this week, it could be 2024 before we see the next generation EV though, based on the five year cycle we’ve seen to date.

Porsche Australia has been approached for comment.

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