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Porsche Taycan 2019 to deliver 440kW and 500km range

Porsche has revealed the power and performance details for its incoming Taycan, with the brand's first production EV to deliver 440kW and a range of 500 kilometres.

The numbers are impressive right across the board, with the Taycan equipped with twin electric motors - one at each axel - generating over 600hp. It's enough, Porsche tells us, to deliver a sprint to 100km/h in "well under" 3.5 seconds, and to knock off 200km/h in just 12 seconds.

Porsche has used permanent rotary technology for its motors, which it says eliminates any lagging and delivers maximum torque with zero delay.

“We opted for a permanently excited synchronous motor in the Taycan,” says Porsche drive unit project leader, Heiko Mayer. “They combine a high energy density with strong sustained performance and maximum efficiency.”

Yes, electric cars are fast. And yes, we know this already. But Porsche is also promising its Taycan will be far more than a one-trick electric pony. The German brand says its debut EV will travel up to 500km per charge (meaning the average user would only need to plug it in less than once a week), and that, when plugged into a fast charger, its 800-volt batteries can accrue 400km in range in just 15 minutes.

To put that theoretical range into Australian perspective, it would mean driving from Sydney to Melbourne with just a single 15-minute stop to recharge along the way.

In Europe, at least, the Taycan's 2019 launch will accompany the roll-out of a fast-charging network - developed with BMW, Mercedes, Ford and the rest of the VW Group - with 400 new recharge "parks" currently under construction. In Australia? Well, not so much, though charging infrastructure is increasing across the country. 

The Taycan will be launched globally in 2019, but Australian specific pricing and specification is yet to be confirmed.

Can the Taycan put the frighteners on Tesla? Tell us in the comments below.