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Peugeot 4008 SUV on sale in June

While final Australian specification and pricing will be announced closer to the 4008's on-sale date, Australia and New Zealand will be two of the first markets to receive the 4008. 

Production starts next month, and the new 4008 will be available in both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions with competitive pricing. The new 4008 will enter one of the most competitive segments of the market in Australia with a price tag sub-30K. 

Peugeot says it combines strength, power and driving safety in all circumstances, particularly the all wheel drive variant. Despite its links with Mitsubishi, all 4008's exterior panels, except the doors are unique to and styled by Peugeot.

It is a much better looking vehicle that the previous model. Interior ambiance is enhanced by the choice of materials, like the soft texture fascia, to the instrument panel visor and the lacquered black decoration of the centre console. The 4008 sits on the same size wheelbase as the 4007 but is 30cm shorter. 

Globally, there are four engines on offer a 1.6-litre (86kW/152Nm) four cylinder petrol with a five-speed manual gearbox, a 2.0-litre (113kW/198Nm), four cylinder with a five-speed manual or CVT, a 1.6-litre HDi (84kW/270Nm)  280Nm with overboost mated to a six-speed manual and a 1.8-litre HDi (110kW/300Nm) four cylinder turbo diesel with a six-speed manual transmission. 

To optimise consumption, the stop and start system is available on both diesels and the 1.6-litre petrol.