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New 2013 Ford Escape revealed

Set to be unveiled at Los Angeles motor show tomorrow – and arrive here in 2013 – the new Ford Escape promises to be roomier and more user-friendly.

Based on the Ford Focus platform, the 2013 Escape SUV also gets a lot of its features including the parallel park assist system.

When the system detects an available parallel parking space, it steers the vehicle in with the driver just giving accelerator and brake inputs.

The new Escape will also offer an automatic tailgate that uses motion technology from video game systems with a proximity sensor to open when it detects a foot being waved under the rear fascia.

Ford says the new Escape also hase new cornering technology to automatically slow the vehicle when it's cornering too fast (Curve Control) or help accelerate through a turn (Torque Vectoring Control) -- a degree of nannying that is not going to please everybody. 

The US and European markets will get the latest Ford SYNC infotainment system, but along with the other features, there's no confirmation of whether that will arrive in our Ford Escape, which will be built in Thailand.

The engine line-up starts with a base model 2.5-litre four-cylinder but also includes the 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder Ecoboost engines – all mated to a six-speed automatic transmission driving the front wheels as standard but with an intelligent all-wheel-drive system as an option.

The rear seats fold flat and easy button-and-handle system and the load space has an optional two-position floor which can be configured for  either maximum luggage capacity or flat floor.