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Mazda to stick with engines

A Mazda spokesman has said the case for going to hybrids doesn't add up at the moment.

Mazda says the internal combustion engine still has plenty of life left in it and they won’t be adopting hybrid powertrains in a big way any time soon.

While Japanese rivals Toyota and Honda have unashamedly adopted hybrid technology to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions, Mazda has been working to squeeze equally impressive power and efficiency gains out of its petrol and diesel engines.

While Mazda does have a licensing agreement with Toyota to use the other manufacturer’s hybrid technology, so far they have offered only one hybrid model – a rebadged Ford Escape hybrid sold in the US and Japan as the Tribute hybrid.

A Mazda spokesman from the company’s research and development division has told AOL Cars that the case for going to hybrids just doesn’t add up at the moment.

“While downsizing can be an effective method for reducing emissions, adding an electric boost often merely offsets the loss in power from reduced displacement.”

“We want to make sure our engines are optimally designed, to make better effect of the benefits of combined battery power.”

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