Make your own paper Bugatti Veyron

1 May 2012

This could be the answer. A graphic designer in the US has developed a large papercraft replica he says any hobbyist could put together.

Taras Lesko says the print-cut-glue pattern builds into a 75cm paper version of the top-shelf - and top-priced - supercar. Just the thing if Barbie is getting tired of that pink plastic convertible, perhaps.

Don't be daunted by the 44-page print-out of 159 pieces. Lesko's website says the assembly instructions are clear. "I specifically designed this papercraft with detailed templates and instructions for any hobbyist to easily enjoy," he states.

Lesko is offering the plans free on his website - although he's appreciative if people want to donate in return.

We're looking forward to giving it a try - although we'll probably need to set aside several days, a few spare printouts and some back-up toner cartridges for the officer printer. In the meantime, we'll content ourselves with enjoying the time-lapse video.