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Huge twist in Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series, GR HiLux and GR Fortuner story?

Could Toyota borrow from Mazda to power its most iconic models? Image credit: Best Car Web

The incoming Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series - as well as a GR HiLux and GR Fortuner - could be powered by Mazda, with the iconic off-roader now in line to be fitted with a new Mazda-developed six-cylinder diesel that could also appear in the next CX-5.

While the brand is yet to officially comment - though has also, unofficially, not ruled it out - we do now definitely expect the much-reported 3.3-litre six-cylinder diesel engine to appear in the next LC300, with internet sleuths in Europe uncovering a new engine code for the LandCruiser, reportedly from Toyota’s own technical information site used by mechanics, repairers and accessory installers.

While we’ve been unable to independently confirm the information, users have reported stumbling across a new series of engine codes for the LC300, with the most pertinent entitled “F33A-FTV”.

FTV, we know, is the model code attached to Toyota's diesel engines - the HiLux, for example, is powered by Toyota’s 1GD-FTV engine - and the “33” bit, you'd have to assume, points to a 3.3-litre engine.

All of which marries nicely with what CarsGuide already understands, and has reported, about the LC300 fitted with a punchy 3.3-litre turbodiesel that will match or even out-punch the outputs offered by the current LC200’s diesel V8.

The only question, of course, was where such an engine might come from. And on that, we turn to fellow Japanese brand - and new Toyota technical partner - Mazda, who has confirmed it is putting its finishing touches on a new inline six-cylinder diesel, with a reported capacity of, you guessed it, 3.3 litres.

Some news outlets point to that engine producing around 210kW and 600Nm in Mazda guise, but it wouldn’t take much to up those outputs to LC200-matching levels.

If that's the case - if Mazda is to power the LC300 - then it would be a sure-bet that the same powertrain would find its way into a new GR HiLux - which we know is coming - and a GR Fortuner - which we hope is coming. CarsGuide understands Toyota has every intention of using that engine in other models, and a GR HiLux (which has already been trademarked around the world) would be top of that list.

But how Toyota fans would respond to a Mazda-powered LandCruiser remains to be seen. If, of course, that’s the path they take.

All will be revealed soon enough. The Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series is edging closer to its reveal, with a launch date in Australia expected in 2021.