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While concerns around rates and spending remain at the forefront of discussion, Australia’s new car market quietly notched up the best July of sales on record.

A total of 96,859 new cars were delivered in Australia last month, beating the previous July record of 92,754 in 2017.

In the charts, the tussle between the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger utes continues to come in waves for each, as the Ranger takes back the top spot from Toyota’s top model with its 5143 sales beating the HiLux’s 4670.

The HiLux has sold a total of 32,763 units this year so far, keeping its head just above the Ranger’s rising tide of 31,884 sales so far this year.

While the battle remains close at the top, several players just below find months of peaks and troughs, with the MG ZS racking up a solid month of 3852 deliveries in July, ahead of the globally popular Tesla Model Y with 3330.

Toyota has three models in the rest of the top 10, with the RAV4 fifth for July with its 2750 units delivered, followed by Corolla (2145). 

The Isuzu D-Max (2070), Hyundai i30 (1865), Toyota Prado (1836) and Mitsubishi Outlander (1778) round out the top 10.

Toyota’s hold on the top spot remains strong with 19,191 sales in July, totalling 111,426 for the year so far. This is, however, significantly down on the same time from last year - 140,942 - even though Toyota appears to be making back some lost ground.

Mazda holds its usual second place spot (8307 deliveries in July), ahead of the Ford (third), Hyundai (fourth) and Kia (fifth) band of sales, all within about 1000 deliveries of each other.

Mitsubishi, MG, Tesla, Subaru, and Isuzu round out the brand charts for July.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the organisation is keeping an eye on broader trends as supply for new cars returns closer to pre-pandemic levels.

“During the past 12 months the issue has been one of securing supply for consumers, however as these pressures ease, we are starting to see a return to more stable market conditions,” Weber said.

“Many of these vehicles were ordered several months ago, so it is important to monitor the broader economic conditions through 2023 and their impact on private and business demand.”

Top 10 new car models sold in Australia for July 2023
Rank (July)ModelDeliveries
1Ford Ranger5143
2Toyota HiLux4670
3MG ZS3852
4Tesla Model Y3330
5Toyota RAV42750
6Toyota Corolla2145
7Toyota Landcruiser (LC300 and 70)2122
8Isuzu Ute D-Max2070
9Hyundai i301865
10Toyota Prado1836

Top 10 new car brands in Australia for July 2023
Rank (July)BrandDeliveries




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