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COTY 2011 Ford Territory diesel

Few cars polarized Carsguide opinion like the Ford Territory turbodiesel.

Comments for the big SUV were all over the road, from "dated, but effective" to "it's a bus".

The 2.7-litre engine takes a moment to overcome more than two-tonnes of mass either from standstill or when accelerating around town. Get it up to speed, though, and it's hard to criticise the ride.

There's some body roll when it is pitched into a corner ... but few drivers are going to drive the seven-seater that hard with their family on board. The SZ range also has an anti-rollover function linked to the stability control, so tipping the Territory should take some doing.

The features in the Titanium model are extensive, from a hi-res touchscreen for the satnav, sound and Bluetooth functions to an Alpine DVD player with a pair of headphones for the first row of rear seat occupants.

There are more efficient turbodiesels on the market but you will also pay more for them in this segment.

The Territory is the grand old lady of the Ford fleet and continues to defy its age (it was launched in 2004) by selling strongly. That appeal earned it a spot in the field, but it couldn't keep up with the smart young things it was stacked up against.

Ford Territory Titanium AWD

Price: $63,240
Engine: 2.7-litre turbodiesel, 140kW/440Nm
Transmission: Six-speed automatic
Thirst: 9.0 litres/100km, 236g/km CO2.