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Get ready to pour one out for a car you probably don’t think about very often, but actually sells more than you might expect: the BMW X4.

The swoopy coupe sibling to the BMW X3 could be on the chopping block as early as next year, as reports sourced from Europe say the BMW X4 Coupe SUV is destined for demise.

The reason? The new BMW X2 being larger than its forbear means it’s closed the gap to the X4. And BMW doesn’t see there being as much demand for the larger of the SUV coupes in the future.

The report comes from Motor1 Italy, which cites sources at BMW having openly said the two kinds of customers who might consider the X4 now have two other clear options.

BMW reportedly told the outlet that younger customers looking for a stylish lifestyle SUV Coupe would more likely head for the new – and larger – X2, while customers seeking a more luxurious SUV without the need for as much practicality have the X6.

The X2 also has more potential for snapping up buyers who are considering buying greener cars, as there are two electric iX2 variants (a single and a dual-motor) on offer in Australia from launch.

Of course, there’s also the BMW X3, which lives on in a new generation without the X4 beside it as in the past.

The 2025 BMW X3 is set to launch here in Australia for customers from early 2025, meaning production of the mid-size SUV will be well underway late this year.

The X4’s sibling goes into its next generation as a mild-hybrid with a heavily redesigned interior and a much cleaner exterior look, having been globally revealed in mid-June.

Given the need to meet X3 demand, BMW could pull the plug on X4 production relatively soon.

BMW Australia was unable to provide further comment upon enquiry by CarsGuide.

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