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Audi TT spin-off models ruled out

The Audi TT will remain a two-door only, with the brand ruling out any plans to expand the model line with more models.

Audi has poured cold water on rumours of a mooted four-door TT sports coupe, while also backing away from previous plans to introduce additional versions of the TT, including an SUV.

A few years ago, Audi introduced several different concept models that pointed towards the potential addition of a new sporty SUV, including the five-door TT Offroad concept which was revealed at the Beijing motor show in 2014.

There was hubbub at the time that then-Audi chief, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, was keen to use the TT sports car - which until that point had only ever been sold as a two-door coupe and convertible - into a broad range of different models to appeal to an entirely new mix of customers. 

That plan, though, seems to have gone by the wayside, with Audi head of product communications, Peter Oberndorfer, telling CarsGuide this week that there are no plans to follow through.

“Actually, Dr Hackenberg had the idea of a family of TT models, a TT family so to speak,” Oberndorfer said, before pointing out that a number of recent reports of a four-door Audi TT model are unfounded. “Of course there were some ideas, but I can’t confirm [a four-door production model].

Audi's five-door TT Offroad concept was revealed at the Beijing motor show in 2014. Audi's five-door TT Offroad concept was revealed at the Beijing motor show in 2014.

“Where the recent stories came from, actually, I don’t know. I don’t know about a four-door TT,” he said. “We’re quite happy with one TT at the moment, one with different versions.”

Oberndorfer suggested that there are more important things for Audi to spend its money on, intimating that safety, autonomy, and electrification all take precedence at this point in the brand’s timeline. 

“I think the TT is an icon, and to do a family out of that is quite difficult - especially, in these times, we have to concentrate more and more to do gasoline and diesel on the one side, electrification on the other side, and level three and four on the next side. So you have to consider it, you have think more and more about what you can afford.”

He went on to state that the brand is still investing in diesel.

“For the foreseeable future, certain customers – those who drive a lot of miles – need diesel. It is not for everyone, sure. But it is still a good solution for big cars. We need it too, for CO2 reasons,” he said. 

“We have objective measurements for new Audi diesels and they make me happy. We have done our job there. We have very clean diesels right now.”

Would you have liked to see a four-door Audi TT? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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