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Audi Q3 gets a tick

Audi will add the Q3 alongside the giant Q7 and just-launched Q5 as it goes all-out to fill every opportunity in the prestige SUV business.

The Q3 will also go up against the upcoming BMW X1, which should be in showrooms around the same time.

No firm details of the Q3 have been released by Audi, although it says the Cross Coupe Quattro Concept gives some idea of its thinking.

The Cross Coupe is more car-like than either the Q7 or Q5, with a rounded five-door wagon body and a coupe-style rounded roofline.

The Q3 will be built in Spain and is part of an ambitious Audi plan to have 40-plus individual models in its line-up by 2015. The cost of this new-model rush is more than $2 billion a year.

The new SUV is already on the radar for Audi Australia but it is not yet confirmed for local sales.

"There is nothing we can confirm, except to say that it's something we're interested in," says Audi Australia spokesperson, Anna Burgdorf.

"There is a good chance of seeing the Q3 in Australia, if there is the right market for it. We never make a decision for a new model without knowing it's going to be successful.

"We need the right price and the right engines and the right customers to buy it."