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Debbie Sanders ASKED THE GUIDE

Yaris servicing problems

We took our 2009 Toyota Yaris in for the airbag recall on May 24. There was nothing wrong with it, but when and we brought it home there was a problem with the central locking not working, and the inside light comes on when the central lock gets switched on. And the radio loses reception all the time. None of these things have ever happened before. Straight away I rang Toyota and let them know. Toyota told me they would charge me to diagnose the problem, which I think is unfair. Are we covered for any damage that they may do after they have our car following a compulsory recall?

You are assuming that the problems have come about as a result of the work done on the car under the recall. While it is possible that you are correct, you cannot be sure until the problems are diagnosed. If the problems are a result of something the dealer has done then they should be responsible for fixing it; if they are not caused by what the dealer did then you would be responsible. First, you need to establish the cause of your problems, and then you can deal with them.