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Kenn Lowis, Loganholme, Qld. ASKED THE GUIDE

Subaru Outback headlamp issue

Our Subaru Outback is continually blowing low beam headlamps; at least five have failed since new on each side in 120,000 km. The dealer has told us that they have never had this problem before, and everything checks out ok with the car. In other words "we are not going to do anything." In disgust I sat down and sent an email in to Subaru Australia, but have not yet heard anything back. Where should I head with this, as it becomes not only a problem when you have to drive at night with no headlights, as I had to do once, but it could also be a liability problem for a manufacturer?

We have had previous reports of this issue and have approached Subaru for their comment, which was that they were not aware of a problem. They also advised that owners should only use Subaru- approved globes, suggesting that any problem that might exist was related to non-factory globes.