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Six of the best

I'M THINKING of buying a used car and have narrowed my choices down to a Subaru Liberty or a Mazda6. I'm looking to spend about $30,000, and from what I see, I can get a 2005 Liberty 3.0R (35,000km on the clock) or a 2008 Mazda6 Classic (17,000km) for the price. What would be the better buy considering the depreciation value of each and resale if I decided to upgrade in, say, five years' time?

I'D GO for the later model with the lower kilometres. Five years from now the Liberty will be 10 years old and probably have 125,000km on it, but the Mazda will be six years old with about 110,000km on its odometer. The Mazda will look much more attractive to buyers.