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Range Rover Sport 2014: Transmission replacement

Asked by Murray

I am having problems with the Range Rover Sport I purchased in May 2014. It's a HSE 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel with the off-road kit fitted from new. I also purchased the extended warranty package through the dealer dated 29/4/2014, which is covered by Allianz. The vehicle is always serviced by the dealer and I have the engine oil changed at 13,000 km interval rather than the 26,000 km suggested, although not all of the intermediate services are performed by the dealer. The second last service was at 160,000 km where I raised concerns regarding the automatic transmission. They checked it and updated the software. As it is covered by Allianz they also notified Allianz of the transmission work. Whilst driving in Victoria a transmission fault appeared on the screen and no gears could be selected. I disconnected the battery to try to reset the computer. This apparently worked as I was able to select gears and it drove normally and was presented back to the dealer for its 175,000 km service and with several concerns including the transmission faults. They have serviced the vehicle and reset the computer and drove it around, but the faults have reappeared, so I was told that the transmission needed replacement. I was also informed that Allianz would not cover these repairs because it was five days out of the terms of the warranty agreement. I asked for the dealer to download the computer faults, which would show that these occurred during the warranty period. The dealer did present the September 2018 invoice, which showed the transmission concerns that I had raised. They asked JLR to intervene and pay for the transmission replacement, but I was told that they said no as Allianz should be paying. So seven weeks later the dealer still has my vehicle and I am no closer to getting a resolution regarding the repairs. 
What should I do?


Answered by CarsGuide

24 May 2019 Graham Smith

First, talk to JLR directly, but at best they would probably only cover part of the cost of repairs as the vehicle is not five years old and has done 175,000 km. You could also appeal to Allianz, given that there is a history of problems with the transmission during the warranty period. 


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