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Range Rover Sport or Discovery 3 for towing horse float and commuting?

I am moving to a small farm and I am keen to buy a 2006 Range Rover auto TDV6 Sport or a 2007 Discovery 3 diesel. I have noticed most seem to have very high mileage, so should I be wary as I have been told diesel engines are indestructible? I want to use the car mainly as a comfy commuter to drive to the train station, tow a horse float and perhaps once a week drive to Melbourne. I am moving to a fairly hilly area that is also prone to black ice. I hope you are able to steer me into the right vehicle as up until now, as an inner city person I have only ever owned VW Golfs and big SUVs are a whole new concept for me.

The Discovery 3 was hailed as a great car when it was introduced and it has largely lived up to the hype. The fundamentals like engine, gearbox and diffs are sound, but you have to be prepared for irritating things like electrics, driveshafts, compressor on the airbag models to give trouble. It’s that when the Disco becomes expensive. On average a 2007 model will be showing 180,000 to 240,000 km on the odo, and I would be going for a newer model with fewer kays on the clock. Same goes for the Range Rover.