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Holden Commodore 2011: Ute hard cover

I'm thinking of buying a factory hard cover for my 2011 Commodore SSV ute. I believe that these products are not made by the vehicle manufacturer, but instead are contracted out and are not crash tested in the ANCAP safety assessments. I'm concerned that in a crash they could become a 100 kg guillotine blade and remove my head, to which I am quite attached. There is anecdotal evidence that this type of fatality has already happened. Could you tell me if hard covers are ANCAP tested and if not, why not?

The hard covers are made by outside vendors and supplied to the carmakers, like many hundreds, even thousands of parts that go into the cars we drive. They are supplied to the specifications of the carmaker and the carmakers check them to ensure they meet the specifications. They assess the likely impact of each part on the car's crash performance and decide what they will submit to ANCAP for testing.