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Do I need windscreen replacement coverage?

I have been looking at a lot of new cars that have auto braking, lane departure HUD and a lot of other things on the windscreen. I am thinking of getting a new Holden Calais, but a friend has said to stay away from new cars with all the safety things on the windscreen because if you need to replace the windscreen you need to have it changed by the dealership to keep your factory warranty on all those components, is this true as I have heard of some windscreens costing thousands through a dealer and some cars have 7 year warranties and I do a lot of driving and have gone through four screens in the last 5 years in my current car and would expect to do the same with a new car.

If you happen to damage a windscreen you’ll have to use a genuine replacement ’screen. It can be fitted by a windscreen service, but if it needs to be calibrated they would have to send the car to a Holden dealer for that to happen. If you go ahead and buy the Calais make sure you’ve got windscreen replacement coverage on your insurance policy.