Best new cars arriving in 2017 | $40,000-$60,000

8 February 2017
, CarsGuide

If you've got a few more dollars to spend, there's a host of new cars and SUVs arriving in 2017 to tempt you. Here's just a sample of some of the better cars you'll see in showrooms throughout the year.

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Audi Q2

Audi has a big year coming up, and will kick off 2017 with the new Q2 compact crossover. Based on the A3 sedan and smaller than the Q3 SUV, the Q2 will kick off at $41,400 plus on-road costs when it goes on sale in February.

Audi reckons it already has upwards of 2500 expressions of interest for the car.

Kia Stinger

The two-door, rear-wheel-drive Stinger was the absolute rock star of the recent Detroit show – and let's face it, we haven't seen anything like this from Kia ever before.

The top spec Stinger GT will sport a 272kW twin turbo V6, and is rumoured to sell for around $50,000. An entry level version, using a 2.0-litre four-cylinder motor, will be closer to $40,000. The GT will be a hot seller, of that we're convinced.

Mercedes-Benz GLA

The popular little crossover from Merc will get a light going over this year, with minor changes to the front and rear, as well as a tidy-up of the interior.

There are a few small mechanical tweaks, including the option of picking one of three ride height packages; lowered, normal or raised by 30mm.

The range kicks off from around $44,000 plus on-roads, and the revised cars will be here half way through 2017.

Mini Countryman, Countryman JCW

The most not-mini Mini ever made will land in March, at an astonishing 200mm longer than the car it replaces. The Countryman, which is based on the BMW X1, will be joined later in the year by a 170kW John Cooper Works version.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The most affordable plug-in hybrid in the local market will score a raft of small improvements when the facelifted version debuts in April.

It gets a smidge more electric-only range (up 10km to 60km) and better economy, along with a brace of safety tech including auto emergency automatic braking and lane departure warning.

Skoda Kodiaq and Superb Sportline

Skoda is pushing the boat out in 2017, with the seven-seat Kodiaq having the potential to put the brand more firmly in the crosshairs of a buying public already spoilt for choice.

Based on the new Volkswagen Tiguan, the seven-seat Kodiaq actually beats the three-row version of the VW to market by 12 months.

The Superb Sportline, meanwhile, adds new colours and trim to the range-topping 206TSI, and will come on stream in February.

Subaru WRX

For those awaiting the arrival of an all new version of Subaru's original bad boy based on the company's recently launched Impreza, you have a while to wait yet, sadly; Subaru says a new version is at least two years away.

In the meantime, the company will give the current WRX and WRX STi a light mechanical and physical makeover for a second-half launch in 2017.

Volkswagen Arteon

Fomerly known as the Passat CC, the Arteon could sneak into showrooms before the end of 2017. It'll be one to watch – VW is suggesting that the swoopy coupe will put the frighteners on a few of the more premium Euro brands when it comes to high specs and good value.

Volvo XC60

Volvo's most popular car will finally be completely renewed late in 2017, after more than seven years in market with the current device.

Based on the same SPA platform as the larger XC90, the XC60 currently starts at around $55,000 – but the XC90 added more than $10,000 to its starting price when it launched in 2014, so a similar upwards adjustment might be on the cards for the medium sized version.

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