Toyota HiLux 2016 Problems

No car is perfect, but we've gathered everything relating to the Toyota HiLux 2016 reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy.

Toyota HiLux 2016: Door sensor issue.

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Sep 2019

Check that the key fob is working, try the spare. Was something dislodged when the engine was cleaned, or is it just a coincidence that the problem cropped up at the same time? Have your dealer look at it for you. Or you could disconnect the battery and then reconnect it hoping the computer has reset itself.

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Toyota HiLux 2016: Misplaced service manual

Answered by CarsGuide 22 Mar 2019

You are right to want to get the manual back, and if the dealer is unwilling or can’t help them contact Toyota direct (1800 869 682) and request their help. At the very least the dealer should be able to give you a report on the service history of your car, which should help when it comes time to sell it.

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Press car license plate rotation

Answered by CarsGuide 22 Aug 2016

There is nothing sinister or underhand here. Car companies rotate their plates on to their newest models to make life a little easier for their fleet administrators.

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Problems when buying a Foton 4x4?

Answered by CarsGuide 13 Jun 2016

It's an unproven brand, which is why they are cheap. It was the same with Great Wall and their resale values reflect the way owners and potential owners feel about them. I wouldn't do it.

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Toyota HiLux 2016: How powerful is the engine?

Answered by CarsGuide 1 Jun 2015

A 2.8-litre turbo diesel is one of the engines announced this week for the new HiLux, with a gutsy 450Nm of torque.

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