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16 May 2019

Bentley Continental makes tracks

By Mitchell TulkMitchell Tulk

Russia is truly a crazy place, we’ve all seen the wild dash cam videos, especially the one with a tank driving through a highway.

As frightening as that is, imagine being passed by a Bentley Continental, which has been combined with a tank?

You wouldn’t be dreaming if it did happen, because Russian YouTuber Konstantin has a GT running on a custom set of caterpillar tracks.

For the project, Konstantin bought the cheapest Bentley Continental GT he could find, only to discover the twin-turbo W12 was kaputski.

It looks like an A-Team creation. (image credit: AcademeG) It looks like an A-Team creation. (image credit: AcademeG)

Konstantin sent the luxury coupe off to a place called Swap-Point, which replaced the engine with a 4.3-litre Toyota V8 and converted it to rear-wheel drive only, before the tracks were added.

Despite losing both turbos and four cylinders, project “Ultratank” hammers. Dangerous when considering there are no brakes and the treads tend to fall off when taking sharp turns.

Also, the interior hasn't been changed, so the driver can still enjoy a bit of luxury while off-roading.

Should the Russian military employ Bentley Ultratanks? Let us know in the comments.