Mazda CX-5 2013 Problems

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Why does my Mazda CX-5 2013 have an excessive amount of condensation?

Answered by CarsGuide 20 Jun 2020

Clearly water is getting into the car and causing your problem, so the trick is to find where it’s getting in. For start, have a feel around the seats and carpets to see if you can feel a damp patch. That will help narrow down the entry point. So will locking the car up on a warm day and noting which windows fog up.

Once you’ve done that you can start looking closely at all the rubber seals around the windows and doors as these are a likely culprit. Believe it or not, even a simple leaf or twig stuck to the rubber sealing surface can allow rainwater in, and any little nick or tear in the rubber can do likewise. It might sound basic, but are all the windows closing properly? Does the car have a sunroof, as these are notorious for letting water in even when they’re closed?

If you can find a volunteer, have them sit in the car while you take a garden hose to it. If the leak is a bad one, they might be able to spot it. Other times, though, the car needs to be moving for the water to be forced or even sucked in.

You should also check the level of coolant in your radiator or overflow bottle. If the heater matrix inside the car is leaking coolant, you’ll get the same symptoms over time. The clue there is that if the heater is leaking, the level in the radiator will fall.

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What small SUV should I buy?

Answered by CarsGuide 11 Jan 2016

Putting ride-handling up against comfort will mean a compromise on one side, as sporty-feeling SUVs tend to be a bit harsh in the ride with tyre noise as well. The Mazda CX-5 is the benchmark in the class, but the Honda HR-V could be more comfortable and flexible in the cabin.

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Mazda CX-5 2013: Are there costs associated with towing a caravan?

Answered by CarsGuide 15 Aug 2014

The CX-5 is rated to tow 1800 kg (braked) and as long as you stay within that limit you should be fine. There shouldn’t be any need to fit an additional transmission oil cooler, and any increase in tyre wear should be minimal.

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What is the best SUV for less than $50k?

Answered by CarsGuide 18 Jul 2014

The CX-5 is the one that gets The Tick. You should only go for diesel for heavy towing or if you drive more than 30,000km a year.

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Mazda CX-5: Problem with diesel oil level

Answered by CarsGuide 17 Apr 2013

Mazda has assured us that the changes, most notably the revised calibration of the fuel injection into the DPF as part of the purging process of the filter, that have been implemented on problem cars in the field and in production have fixed the problem.

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