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Mercedes Benz A-Class A200 Elegance 2005 Review

Eat your heart out, Herbie.
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To say this motor vehicle has all the bells and whistles would be severely underplaying the situation.

Its rather suburban exterior hides more gadgets than your average kitchen knick-knack shop.

There are things that fold up, down and over.

There are toys which talk to the driver and others which beep.

There's a six-stacker CD player and all sorts of mobile phone attachments. There are things to stop you going fast and things to help you cruise along on the open road at a sensible, legal speed.

There are buttons and compartments and cup holders and magazine racks, multiple temperature controls and parking assist.

It doesn't quite make the coffee for you ... but there may just be a percolator attachment I overlooked in a week of driving.

My favourite toy was the automatic headlight switch which meant the car chose when it was dark enough for the lights to be on.

However, I would recommend against playing with the switch at night, because a turn in the wrong direction can result in a motorist heading down an unfamiliar country road in total darkness. A brief motoring glitch, which was not enjoyed by my passengers.

This car also has a snazzy auto-navigation system which tells you how to get places, parking sensors to stop you hitting things, a speed limiter and cruise control.

Button controls on the steering wheel are just part of a clear and easily understood dashboard display package.

A flat hatchback boot provides easy access to ample storage room, but if extra luggage space is required, the rear seats fold forward to produce a completely flat surface. Need even more space? Then take the rear seats out.

A quick browse of the brochure also reveals a raft of safety features which I didn't feel obliged to check, including a "sandwich design" (maybe to go with the coffee percolator) to enhance safety in a head-on collision.

Additional options with this motoring whiz can also include metallic paint, a sunroof and leather upholstery.

Overall, it's a car that packs a lot of punch, along with a luxury brand name.

Eat your heart out, Herbie.


Mercedes Benz A200 Elegance Auto

Price: $47,380


Enough gadgets to keep the driver, passengers and enthusiasts busy for hours.

Spacious, comfortable and easy to drive.


Too many toys to come to grips with – and use properly – in a week of driving.

A quiet, low-key exterior which won't suit those who want to say "look at me, I own a Merc".

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