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Ford Falcon 2012 review

The G6E engine is an absolute cracker that we rate as one of the best in a local car.

There's no V8 in the Ford Falcon lineup (you'll have to go to FPV for that) so the top dog Falc' is now the G6E Turbo priced at $56,235. No V8 Falcon gives Holden a serious leg up with petrol heads but truth be known, the turbo Falcon is probably a quicker car than the V8 Holden and uses less fuel. 

One reason for that is the Falcon's peak torque delivery comes in at a low 2000rpm, thousands lower than the Holden donk so it's pulling  hard while the V8 is still winding up. Ford recently upgraded the FG Falcon to Mark 2 spec' which brought more goodies for less money. 

The G6E Turbo now has a reversing camera, upgraded audio and SUNA satnav system fatigue warning, improved sound deadening and a styling revamp including a handsome new grille.

What is it?

The G6E is an "executive express" for want of a better term - a bit of a Q ship, a wolf in sheep's clothing to mix metaphors. It has a softened version of the eye-watering XR6 Turbo's underpinnings with a raft of premium goodies taking it into serious luxo-land. 

The leather clad seats are soft, the sound system is sweet and there are plenty of assisted functions including the electric driver's seat, auto wipers and headlights, voice command to the multi-media and phone system and dual zone air.


Get over the taxi exhaust note and the G6E has superb performance capable of stopping the clocks in the low 6.0 second bracket or better - even with the six speed auto (no paddles). It has monumental mid-range response that allows you to overtake in a blink. Then, adopt cruise mode and it's a mild as a lamb and quite as a mouse.

This engine is an absolute cracker that we rate as one of the best in a local car. What we have reservations about is the ability of the auto to cope long term with that truck load of torque (533Nm at 2000rpm). 

Another reservation is with the ride which is supple and soft and quickly gets out of its depth when you ask for sporty response. Two modes for the suspension and transmission would be the go - Normal and Sport. As it stands, the G6E is quite handy - to a point and is a superb long cruiser.


There's a version of the 4.0-litre turbo six under the bonnet that's good for 270kW and 533Nm  - right in V8 territory and we saw less than 10.0-litres/100km on the highway which a V8 would struggle to achieve. It has a stirring exhaust pop on up-changes under full throttle and as already mentioned, throttle response is muscular - to say the least.


The mild tweaks inside and out have improved the G6E's look especially the new upper grille. The "Aston" lower grille remains and is looking a bit dated. 

Our car had optional 19-inch alloys and the optional alloy full-size spare. It looked classy and gleaming on the road in a deep blue. In white it's a shocker. The interior is similarly classy with soft touch surfaces predominating and a discrete use of shiny and metal highlights. The locally developed SUNA satnav is excellent.


Would we? Yes we would. It's a big ask for a Falcon but compared to something from Europe costing twice as much or more, the G6E Turbo represents fine value in all respects - and we make it here. Yay! Go Ford.

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