The X4 is not going to melt the hearts of everybody. But there will be those who will absolutely love this hulking coupe SUV. And they’ll love it and for the all the reasons others can’t stand the X4. 

Love it because it’s unashamedly different and a bit over-the-top. Love it because it’s an SUV that goes 'pfft' at the idea of off-road adventure.

There’s something you should know, though. A new generation X4 is scheduled to arrive towards the end of 2018.

Wait, you knew that, right? That may mean you could get a great deal on a run-out model. Or should you wait for the new version?

The following review of the top-of-the-range X4 xDrive35d will help you make that decision, and it will also answer the question: Does the X4 take the ‘U’ out of SUV?