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BMW 7 Series 750i 2013 Review


Limousine operators are lucky people because they will be among the privileged few who will get to enjoy driving a car such as the BMW 750i. Second thoughts, they'd probably go for the diesel or the ActivHybrid model because of (marginally) less fuel use than the twin turbo petrol V8 750.

So who gets to own and drive a 750i? Don't ask us. This is almost certainly a chauffeur car which is a pity because it's also a superb driver's car.


The 750i direct injection V8 was seriously reworked for more power and torque. It's good for an impressive 330kW/650Nm output while sipping a scant 8.6-litres/100km. The 0-100kmh sprint passes in 4.8 seconds. Drive goes to the rear wheels through an eight speed auto with paddle shift.

The rear suspension has air springs and is adaptive and self-levelling. Efficient Dynamics helps the 750 achieve these excellent performance and economy figures through regenerative braking, auto stop/start and a range of driving modes including EcoPro that allows the big Bimmer to coast using no fuel at all when the throttle is on over-run.


The BMW 7-Series was upgraded earlier this year with more of everything -- luxury, technology, performance and an average of 25 per cent better fuel economy across the range. The drive experience is enhanced with a dizzying array of luxury and driver assist technology, much of it centred around what BMW calls Connected Drive which networks things like internet, phone, satnav, audio and the hard disc.

The 750 is one tick down from the V12 760 which, in reality, is over the top. Who needs a turbo V12 when there's the twin turbo petrol V8 with just as much oomph and lower fuel use? Not only that, the 12 doesn't sound as good as the V8. So, put that extra hundred grand back in your wallet and cough up your $281,100 for the 750i and be a happy Vegemite.

The driver also has five drive options selected by pushing a button - Comfort, Comfort+, Sport, Sport+ and EcoPro. What we really like are the new seats which offer heating, ventilation and electric adjustment. And we give a big tick to the large info screen and metres of luxury leather interspersed with real timber inlays.


Main Competitors are the Benz S-Class, Lexus LS460 and 600 and the Audi A8. The big Bimmer comfortably outpoints all of them.

BMW 750i

Price: from $281,245
Warranty: 3 years roadside assist
Engine: 4.4-litre 8-cylinder, 330kW/650Nm
Transmission: 8-speed auto, RWD
Thirst: 8.6L/100Km, CO2 199g/km

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