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Truck jumps F1 car to set world record | video

Watch the Lotus F1 team's semi-trailer jump over one of their F1 cars to set a new world record.

An oft-quoted factoid in motorsport circles is that a Formula One racer can drive upside down in a tunnel.

A never-quoted factoid is that you can jump a Formula One transporter over a Formula One racer.

Enter stuntmen Mike Ryan and Martin Ivanov who went out and did just that, and set a world record in the process.

Martin - whose credentials as a stuntman include work on the James Bond movies - slides the Lotus F1 racer underneath the team's semi-trailer.

The truck - with The Fast and the Furious alumni Mike behind the wheel - sails majestically through the air before landing a world record-setting 83 feet 7 inches away from where it took off.

Whether or not you can drive a Formula One transporter on the roof of a tunnel remains to be seen.