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Trax Models - The Journey Continues

Rod Halligan

10 Mar 2009 • 2 min read

Australian model car collectors are a lucky bunch. We have two incredibly good manufacturers physically documenting our automotive history --  in 1:18th scale it is Biante, in 1:43 (and now 1:24) it is Trax.

Robert Hill has been responsible over the past 23 years for building accurate models of Australian transport history, from the 1948 FX Holden to the 1990s Falcons as well as a comprehensive history of our bus transport through that period.

His latest book on his models -- the fourth on the subject -- covers every model and all colour variations in its comprehensive 280 pages, including 30 pages of images. The book is well produced for a small run low cost publication and works not only for Trax collectors but also for enthusiasts of Australian motoring history.

The models are so broad in their diversity that the material covers ground you would probably not see in any other book … from old green rattler Leyland and Ansett Clipper buses to Repco Parts delivery vans, HQ One-Tonners complete with plumbers supplies and Bathurst Racers.

While the layout is different to other books covering Matchbox and Hotwheels -- in that images are clustered in the centre -- the depth of information works well and makes up for the slight annoyance of having to keep referring to the centre to find the relevant image.

If the stated current values are accurate (and I believe they would be) collecting Trax models over the years has proven to be not only a pleasurable pastime but also a reasonably good investment.

Overall this is an excellent book.

RRP: $34.95. Available from