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CarsGuide Editorial Code of Ethics

We know that for most of us, a car purchase is the second biggest investment we’re ever likely to

Our aim is to provide accurate and informative reviews which are independent of the manufacturer
to help you make the right choices when buying and selling cars.

Our team of journalists seeks to deliver unbiased vehicle assessment, with review scores
based on suitability for intended function and comparisons against other vehicles.

The vehicles our journalists use for evaluation are generally provided by manufacturers.

Often our journalists attend events as a guest of vehicle manufacturers or suppliers, with travel,
accommodation and meals also generally provided. Where this is the case, it will be disclosed in the
story from 2019 onwards.

As a business, we rely on advertisers, but these advertisers do not have an influence over our review
outcomes or scores.

When we produce content and there is commercial interest, we do not conceal this relationship by using descriptions like
‘powered by’ or ‘sponsored by’. If content has been paid for, we will be up front in identifying it as

We also respect the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics.


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