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Toyota's new X-rated feature! Why the "Pleasure Pedal" sounds like more fun than it actually is

Toyota's X-rated feature is probably not as fun as it sounds...

In the great tradition of questionable automotive names, a few stick out from the rest. Great Wall Motors' new L.E.M.O.N Platform (yep, lemon) probably needed an extra spin around the marketing department before going public, for example.

But Toyota's decision to name its new driving tech the "Pleasure Pedal" in Japan possibly takes the cake, and invokes all sorts of imagery frankly not suitable for the family friendly nature of this site.

Bear with me as I explain what it actually is, because trust me, you don't want to go Googling "pleasure pedal" willy nilly.

In Toyota's defence, the device has been renamed the Comfort Pedal for international markets, and is similar to Nissan's one-pedal-driving offered in the LEAF and LEAF e+.

The technology debuts in the new Toyota Aqua/Prius C, revealed today in Japan, and according to Toyota:

"The all-new Aqua is the first Toyota model to feature the Comfort Pedal. By selecting the Power+ Mode, drivers only have to relax pressure on the accelerator pedal to generate regenerative braking force, and smoothly slow the vehicle.

"The Comfort Pedal reduces driver burden by lessening the frequency with which accelerator and brake pedals have to be pressed, and also results in responsive feedback."

All of which sounds, well, pleasurable.

The reality, though, is the technology is an important one for a hybrid vehicle, maximising brake regeneration and delivering a drive experience a little more akin to that in a full BEV.

Still, we'll stick with Comfort Pedal, thanks.