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Toyota GR HiLux to be the world's most powerful diesel ute! New 700Nm V6 diesel would deliver total dual-cab dominance

The GR HiLux promised to be an absolute beast. (Image credit: William Vicente)

The incoming Toyota GR HiLux could be the world's most powerful diesel ute, with the LandCruiser's V6 diesel generating enough torque to outshine everything from the Ford Ranger Raptor to the Nissan Navara Warrior and everything in-between.

We've long thought Toyota will fit the LandCruiser's V6 diesel to the GR HiLux, with sources confirming the new engine would have multiple uses within the Toyota family. Combine that with the brand's GR executives confirming that they'd need a "big diesel" to power a go-fast HiLux, and the evidence really starts to stack up.

What we didn't know at the time, though, was just how much power Toyota's monstrous HiLux could actually produce. But that mystery now seems solved, too, with Japanese site Creative 311 - quoting dealer sources -reporting that the new 3.3-litre diesel V6 engine will produce a whopping 230kW and 687Nm, and will pair with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Asked directly whether a new GR HiLux would need to produce more power to worthy of the badge, Toyota Australia's General Manager of Product Planning and Development, Rod Ferguson, replied "that would be a fair assumption."

"HiLux is a very important model to us, and clearly we want to keep improving and doing things to the HiLux, but we haven’t gotten anything else to announce for HiLux," he says.

"Clearly it’s our ambitions o offer more product variations, and stretch that product in as many different directions as we can, that’s clearly our ambition."

Toyota has previously promised that any car given the GR badge would benefit from "noticeable" performance upgrades from its regular counterparts. And that means a GR HiLux would have to up the performance factor, no matter whether the focus is then on the road or off it.

“The plan for us is that any product that comes into Australia with Gazoo-racing branding will primarily be focused on performance. It needs to be the full package. It needs to show a noticeable performance increase on our standard line-up,” a spokesperson told CarsGuide in the past.

"We’re always taking a keen interest in the high-performance ute market, but at this stage we have nothing announce. But like we’ve said in the past, we are not ruling truly out any model from GR modification."

While Toyota is yet to officially confirm the model, the brand has trademarked the name "GR HiLux" in Australia, with the go-fast ute expected to launch with the next new HiLux, possibly in 2023.