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The wheels fall off for Mazda 3: Recall issued for all-new hatchback after wheels not secured properly

The unusual recall affects 3323 fourth-gen hatchbacks.

In a somewhat unusual recall, Mazda has to bring in thousands of fourth-generation Mazda 3s due to a production error which could see the wheels fall off.

Mazda originally stated in the US – where this recall was first issued – that the problem is a result of an error in the manufacturing process which “may result in a gap between the wheel hub bolt and hub flange during assembly.”

Although there have been no reports of the error causing the wheels to fall of on a consumer-delivered vehicle, Mazda says that “A rattling noise occurs prior to a wheel detachment from the vehicle.”

Mazda’s Australian arm has issued a recall for 3323 vehicles. The brand’s representatives say that the "wheel nut tension" recall only affects hatchbacks manufactured in a certain VIN series, not for particular variants.

If you think your car might be involved in this recall you can check its VIN at Mazda’s official recall portal here.

While all that’s required to fix the issue is a tightening of bolts, Mazda’s representative said they would get back to us with an estimated service time for those who will be completing the recall at a Mazda dealer.

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