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Rappin da Tiida

Nissan Tiida banned ad.

Ford sued Nissan over this ad, which showed engineer 'gangstas' rapping with a silver Ford Focus in the background. Laden with gold jewelry, slugging champagne, counting money -- and surrounded by women dancing in bikinis -- the engineers rap about raking it in by overpricing the Focus.

The Portuguese lyrics translate as “All this luxury, I got with your money. Don’t cry because you’re paying extra — your money was well spent, look at the fun I have with it.”

The video closes with a brief look at Nissan’s Tiida, comparing its lower price with the Focus. Ford forced Nissan to withdraw the ad on the basis of  ‘improper brand uses’ and ‘unfair competition’.

And the ad itself it tasteless, which begs the question of why Nissan in Brazil would run it. Until you remember Nissan bombed in Australia with a smutty innuendo TVC for the Tiida starring 'Sex and the City' cougar Kim Cattrall. In fairness, this ad is even cheesier...