Mini gets even weirder with ads

24 January 2013
, Motor Authority

MINI calls it "Not Normal." We've been known to call it "creepy." Wherever it lands on your personal spectrum, MINI's ad flavour is definitely unusual. The latest, for the new Paceman, is called "Street Attitude".

Showing a guy that's in a hurry to grab some vinyl, pick up dinner, and flash his girlfriend--with his lights--as he pulls into his living room/garage, we're not entirely sure what's going on here. Par for the course with MINI.

Three versions of the ad are offered, with the primary ad featuring a run-in at an intersection with another Paceman--later revealed to be the first driver's bird-flipping girlfriend. Not that it's the first time MINI has flipped us the bird. The second version has a happier ending, and the third version ends with a much lonelier scene. Almost loser status.

So what do you think of these ad spots? Is MINI out in left field again, or do they resonate with you? If so, could you please tell us what sort of person you are, because we still can't figure out who the typical Paceman buyer is. Thanks.


Watch the MINI Paceman Street Attitude second alternative ending


Watch the MINI Paceman Street Attitude third alternative ending