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Hyundai to debut Google Glass in new Genesis

Google's wearable technology will pair with Hyundai's existing mobile app.

As Apple and Google face off to carve up the world's technology fields, their next battlefield is not the computer or smartphone, but your car. Hyundai is the latest carmaker to announce a collaboration with one of the tech giants, pairing with Google to offer their wearable Glass system in the next Genesis.

We'll see the new Genesis range in Australia, as it's being built for the first time in right-hand drive, with the coupe already confirmed for our market and the sedan version likely to also make a business case to come here although it's too early to say whether we'll get the Google Glass option -- or even whether it will pass Australian road regulations.

It will be integrated in the Genesis with an updated version of Hyundai's BlueLink infotainment system -- set to be showcased at this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas -- and able to link with other wearable devices as well as Google Glass when they hit the market.

The system will pair with Hyundai's existing mobile app, allowing wearers to monitor and even operate some of the car's controls -- including airconditioning, remote start, remote locking and (our bet as the most-used) car locator -- plus receive maintenance and safety alerts, and even book services without having to use a phone.

Mercedes-Benz also has a satnav system that integrates with Google Glass, although the concerns over the safety of in-car use -- and its distraction potential -- are still to be settled. Meanwhile, Audi will announce at CES a collaboration with Google to put Android systems in cars in another skirmish in the tech battle, which is already seeing Apple's coming 'iOS in the Car' system being teamed with Merc, BMW, GM and Honda to offer integration with the iPhone's Eyes-Free Siri mode, phone, messaging, music and nav features.

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