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HSV GTS waiting list

The hotrod GTS is a waiting-list proposition despite an $82,990 starting price, with demand creating a delay in production. "If you want a GTS with red leather and big-piston brakes our waiting list is out to April next year. We can't keep pace with demand," says Phil Harding. "We haloed that car and it's doing well as a halo. A lot of customers who are picking the car up are pleased with the differential now with the ClubSport and R8. And GTS is now almost running at 100 per cent with the big-piston brakes.

Harding says the reaction to the in-your-face styling of the E2 models has been entirely positive, despite some early attacks on a front-end that borrowed heavily from the American Pontiac G8. "We have had no negative feedback whatever. It's distinctive on the road. We're not having any problems at all with the styling," he says.