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Honda Acura NSX unveiled

The Koreans starred, the Japanese mounted a comeback, and One Ford hit the headlines with an extended family of Focus-based newcomers that it is certain to make a big hit in Australia. But it was one car and the commitment of its company chief that made the most impact as America fought back on the opening day of the 2011 North American International Motor Show.

It's featuring as a concept car at the Detroit motor show. But the NSX comes with a few twists in the tail. It's branded an Acura which is the luxury arm of Honda as Lexus is to Toyota.

It also features two badges which will throw loyal fans of the supercar which was shelved in 2005. One badge says "sports hybrid" and the other says "AWD", as in all-wheel drive.

It's still a mid-engined car, but fans may not like the move from rear-wheel drive or the hybrid power train.

There are no specifications yet except that it will still have a V6 engine and impressve power-to-weight figures.

It's a dazzling futuristic concept that may be a show stopper, but it is far from production ready with heavily tinted windows scarcely concealing an unfinished interior. Best guess is that it is at least three years away from production.