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FPV's latest winners

FPV will not enter a power war with arch-rival HSV with its new FG series Falcon.

Speaking at the launch of the new-generation Falcon last weekend, FPV boss Rod Barrett said the company won't release performance figures until closer to the car's on-sale date in June.

“We ran the 290kW V8 from inception in 2003 until Bathurst last year,” Barrett said.

“We've only had a short run of 302kW until this car came out. I've always said the number on the boot isn't what we're chasing all the time, it's the complete driver's package.”

Though he won't engage in a horsepower dual with Holden's performance arm, Barrett is confident his new model will be competitive.

“When we release ours, our most ardent supporters and critics will be impressed.

“All I'll say is they are stunningly quick.”

FPV will step up because the standard Falcon engine line-up has moved into FPV's old territory. The company's six-cylinder turbo has increased to 270kW and the 5.4 V8 is 290kW in the XR8.

That has led to speculation that FPV will offer 300kW turbo and 315kW V8 units, giving it a slender advantage over HSV's 307kW V8 range.

“It's pretty obvious we'll begin with a three,” Barrett says.

Highlighting the strengthening relationship between Ford and FPV, the company rushed to get cars ready for the unveiling of the new range at the weekend.

“I'm taking that collaborative approach I first talked about in August. It is the mother car; as (Ford Australia president) Bill (Osborne) rightly said the F does represent Ford."

“The great thing with FPV at the moment is we have a lot of input into engineering. We have our own team within Ford that represents FPV. Right through product-strategy groups to what you are seeing here today, we're working collaboratively.”

FPV's range has been restructured and renamed to give the brand a simpler line-up of seven models.

The Pursuit and Super Pursuit utes remain but the luxury Force 6 and Force 8 models are gone. The company has replaced the Force 8 with the GT-E, and the new G6E Turbo Falcon effectively supersedes the Force 6.

The turbocharged F6 has ditched its Typhoon and Tornando names for its sedan and ute respectively.

The GT and GT-P models remain unchanged in name and top the range. The GT range has an aggressive new look. The front grille, rear wing, side striping and bonnet bulge decal highlight the look.

For the first time, the FPV badge replaces Ford's trademark blue oval on the front, back and wheels on the new model.

“The repositioning of the vehicle line-up has been done for similar reasons to the Ford G Series,” Barrett says. “It is all about growing the brand and attracting customers.”