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Chrysler Crossfire

The Mercedes-Benz connection is difficult to overlook in Chrysler's sensational looking new Crossfire coupe. That it comes tens of thousands less than the donor SLK320 Benz is an amazing feat.

The car is a stunner in more than looks, offering spirited performance, excellent handling and more "wow" factor inside and out than just about anything else on the road.

  • Sensational styling stops people in their tracks. Attracts never-ending footpath inspections from kids, mums, dads, grannies, chicks and young blokes.
  • Has compact dimensions – looks big in photographs, small in real life.
  • Boot is capable of taking a couple of small suitcases, harbours auto pop-up wing.
  • Interior space is tight, limited fore/aft seat travel. Luxury aplenty, great sound system, funky dash and console.
  • Has massive 19in wheels on the back, 18in on the front. Tyres stick like glue, would cost a bomb.
  • Five speed auto and six speed manual for same price (under $70,000). Both offer plenty of fun. Manual is quicker but not by much. Performance is strong, no need for more really.
  • Auto has sequential shift mode – straight out of Benz catalogue as is 3.2-litre, 160kW engine. Wonder how long before new 3.5, 200kW finds its way into Crossfire?
  • Handling is impressive to say the least. Firm but still comfy. Ride quality good for sports coupe that sticks like glue. Goes around bumpy corners with confidence.
  • Steering is direct, plenty of feel, no backlash.
  • Powerful brakes – refuse to fade even after extended heavy use.
  • Exhaust wail is stirring – comes out of twin centre tailpipes. Wind down the stumpy windows and enjoy.
  • Low ride and seat height makes access difficult.
  • Appears to be built to high standard, tight as a drum, even panel gaps, slick finish. Built in Germany.
  • Plenty of safety features.