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Audi teases a second crossover concept

Last week Audi showed a single sketch of the four-door Q1 baby crossover. Now they've followed that with more drawings -- but of a different crossover. This one, scheduled for a debut at the Detroit show in January, is a two-door with none of the exaggerated aggressive styling seen in the Q1 teaser.

That suggests either they haven't made up their minds on styling (unlikely this close to a debut) or the two-door is a completely different vehicle.

Audi's accompanying statement doesn't give any suggestions about what's under the bonnet, and offers little in the way of other clues, saying only the styling combines visual cues from future models with the Allroad crossover and a coupe-like low-roofed 'shooting brake' 420cm body.

There's mention of its shortoverhangs and high ground clearance 'for all roads and tracks' and aluminium underbody guards front and rear, reinforcing the offroad -- although more likely softroader -- potential.

However Audi also points to e-tron electric concept car cues, including the grille ribs and air intakes, and a sprinkling of development from the latest Quattro concept unveiled at Frankfurt show in September.

So ... more a multi-breed than a cross-breed. Larger than the A1, but about 18cm shorter than the Q3. Aiming to be sporty and sleek -- with a distinctly Range Rover Evoque-like low roof -- and yet have off-bitumen ability.

A reasonably smart bet could be the previously rumoured Audi Q2, especially with Audi having already indicated the coming Q1 won't be the last to join their SUV line-up when it arrives in 2016. The press statement accompanying last week's tease of the four-door quoted Audi CEO Rupert Stadler as saying in the brand's push toward increasing its current line-up of 49 models to 60 over the next six years, the Q1 would round off the bottom end of the Q series. That still leaves some spaces between the Q1 and the Q3, Q5 and Q7.

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