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2022 Ford Ranger price and features: Toyota HiLux, Mitsubishi Triton and Isuzu D-Max rival expands twin-turbo diesel option as part of update

The Ranger's FX4 Max now comes with adaptive cruise control as standard.

Ford Australia has updated the fourth-generation Ranger for MY21.75, with certain grades of the ute getting more standard equipment – at a cost – while other variants have received a new engine option.

The Ranger’s XLT (from $51,790 plus on-road costs) and FX4 Max ($66,190) grades now come with adaptive cruise control as standard, although its addition has come alongside a $250 price rise.

Of note, the updated FX4 (from $59,990) grade has now entered showrooms with the same advanced driver-assist system fitted. Also previously announced for MY21.75 were the XL Sport ($43,790) and Raptor X ($79,390) grades, which have become available for delivery, too.

What is new, though, is confirmation that the 4x4 XL’s extra-cab chassis, dual-cab chassis and dual-cab pick-up variants can now be had with the Ranger’s 157kW/500Nm 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel four-cylinder engine and 10-speed torque-converter automatic, with the trio priced at $49,290, $51,290 and $52,690 respectively.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual for the Toyota HiLux, Mitsubishi Triton and Isuzu D-Max rival, which carries over from MY21.25. As such, pricing still starts from $29,190 for the manual 4x2 XL single-cab chassis Low Rider with the 118kW/385Nm 2.2-litre single-turbo diesel four-cylinder engine and six-speed manual (see full pricing table below).

For reference, that engine can also be had with a six-speed torque-converter automatic, while the 147kW/470Nm 3.2-litre single-turbo diesel five-cylinder alternative has the same transmission options.

Of course, 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains are on offer alongside nine grades (XL, XL Sport, XLS, XLT, FX4, FX4 Max, Wildtrak, Wildtrak X and Raptor X) and various body-style configurations, including single-, extra- or dual-cab, and chassis or pick-up.

2022 Ford Ranger pricing before on-road costs

4x2 XL single-cab chassis Low Rider 2.2-litremanual$29,190 (N/A)
4x2 XL single-cab chassis Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$34,890 (N/A)
4x2 XL extra-cab chassis Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$37,390 (N/A)
4x2 XL dual-cab chassis Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$39,390 (N/A)
4x2 XL dual-cab pick-up Hi-Rider 2.2-litreautomatic$40,790 (N/A)
4x2 XL Sport dual-cab pick-up 2.2-litreautomatic$43,790 (NEW)
4x2 XLT dual-cab pick-up Hi-Rider 3.2-litreautomatic$51,790 (+$250)
4x2 XLT dual-cab pick-up Hi-Rider 2.0-litreautomatic$53,290 (+$250)
4x4 XL single-cab chassis 3.2-litremanual$43,090 (N/A)
4x4 XL single-cab chassis 3.2-litreautomatic$45,290 (N/A)
4x4 XL extra-cab chassis 3.2-litremanual$45,590 (N/A)
4x4 XL extra-cab chassis 3.2-litreautomatic$47,790 (N/A)
4x4 XL extra-cab chassis 2.0-litreautomatic$49,290 (NEW)
4x4 XL dual-cab chassis 2.2-litremanual$47,290 (N/A)
4x4 XL dual-cab chassis 3.2-litremanual$47,590 (N/A)
4x4 XL dual-cab chassis 3.2-litreautomatic$49,790 (N/A)
4x4 XL dual-cab chassis 2.0-litreautomatic$51,290 (NEW)
4x4 XL extra-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$49,190 (N/A)
4x4 XL dual-cab pick-up 2.2-litreautomatic$48,690 (N/A)
4x4 XL dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$48,990 (N/A)
4x4 XL dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$51,190 (N/A)
4x4 XL Tradie dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$52,190 (N/A)
4x4 XL dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$52,690 (NEW)
4x4 XLS dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$50,290 (N/A)
4x4 XLS dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$52,490 (N/A)
4x4 Sport dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$53,340 (N/A)
4x4 Sport dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$55,740 (N/A)
4x4 XLT extra-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$57,690 (+$250)
4x4 XLT extra-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$59,190 (+$250)
4x4 XLT dual-cab chassis 3.2-litreautomatic$58,690 (+$250)
4x4 XLT dual-cab chassis 2.0-litreautomatic$60,190 (+$250)
4x4 XLT dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$57,490 (+$250)
4x4 XLT dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$59,690 (+$250)
4x4 XLT dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$61,190 (+$250)
4x4 FX4 dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$59,990 (NEW)
4x4 FX4 dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$62,190 (NEW)
4x4 FX4 dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$63,690 (NEW)
4x4 FX4 Max dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$66,190 (+$250)
4x4 Wildtrak dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litremanual$62,090 (N/A)
4x4 Wildtrak dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$64,590 (N/A)
4x4 Wildtrak dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$66,090 (N/A)
4x4 Wildtrak X dual-cab pick-up 3.2-litreautomatic$66,790 (N/A)
4x4 Wildtrak X dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$68,290 (N/A)
4x4 Raptor X dual-cab pick-up 2.0-litreautomatic$79,390 (NEW)