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2014 Ford F-250 Performax | new car sales price

Performax International announces F-250 full-size pickup range for Australia. 

They're everywhere in the US but monster-truck-style full-size utes haven't really taken hold in Australia as buyers prefer the smaller, more manageable and affordable light commercial utes like the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger.

That may change if independent American vehicle importer Performax International has any say. This month, they launched the 2015 Performax Ford F-Series Super Duty range full-size pick-ups, priced from $105,000. This may be more than double the price of the average light-commercial ute, but it's a lot of truck with huge towing potential and 'go anywhere you damn well like' off-road ability.

Queensland-based Performax refers to itself as a  `full-volume manufacturer'  but is in fact a conversion specialist with `production' underway for right-hand drive Ford F-250 XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum models.

It's no backyard operation though with a dedicated assembly line and locally designed and made parts to effect the necessary changes to a factory standard.

Vehicles will be sold by Performax International and through dealers around Australia.


The local  F-250 is powered by a 6.7 litre V8 common-rail turbo-diesel engine producing 328kW of power and a massive 1166Nm of torque.

Combining exceptional power with six-speed automatic transmission and on-the-fly four-wheel drive, the F-250 has a five-tonne towing capacity unmatched by mass-market utes and 4WDs sold in Australia, plus exceptional all-terrain ability.

It has an imposing presence on the road and a luxurious interior to match which gives the F-Series Super Duty style, comfort and ability like nothing else.

Performax F-Series Super Duty production marks a milestone for the Gympie-based company, which has been producing right-hand drive versions of American pick-ups and sports car for 25 years.


In that time, the company has mastered the complex engineering and electronics challenges of converting the latest vehicles with high-tech safety and powertrain systems.

"We're tremendously proud of this latest achievement, which is the pinnacle of all our years of experience and perseverance with quality standards," Performax General Manager Glenn Soper said.

"Old-fashioned conversion methods are no longer acceptable to customers buying these sophisticated new American pick-ups. In engineering, electronics and final fit and finish, the Performax Difference ensures we build every vehicle to factory-original quality standards.

"The F-Series has been one of America's most popular vehicle ranges for six decades, but many people in Australia too are keen to see the nameplate back on the road here. Pre-launch demand has been very strong.

"We're totally confident the 13th generation F-Series we're building now will be the best ever seen in this country, with unprecedented levels of performance, capability, safety and comfort, all backed by a comprehensive, competitive warranty and roadside service."


Instead of vehicles being individually engineered and approved by government authorities, there are no one-off or handmade items among the 100-plus new components in a Performax F-Series.

All parts are part-numbered and 100 percent identical, ensuring consistent high quality and easy replacement.

Work is completed to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards. The company is also certified to ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive Quality Management).