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Would the Honda HR-V or Hyundai Tuscon make for a good family car?

We’re looking to buy a family car and are tossing up between the Honda HR-V and the Hyundai Tucson. We love the Tucson and have driven it for about two weeks on holiday, but a new one is a bit outside our price range. We're looking to stay at about $25,000. Would it be better to buy a new Honda HR-V, which looks like a great car, or a 2015-plus Tucson?

By buying a new HR-V you’re getting the benefits of driving a car that no one has driven before you, you know its history, so it’s a know quantity. By buying a used car you are gambling that it has been looked after, it hasn’t been crashed or damaged in any major way. You’re also buying a car that will have done upwards of 100,000 km, so its usable life going forward is reduced compared to a new car. As long as the HR-V fits your needs and wants it’s probably the best way to go.